Crusty Heavy Infantry in armoured hostile environment suits

Posted: Friday, June 05, 2015 by EinarOlafson in Labels: , , , ,

Another fantastic Crusty alien, the first one from the "Crusty Heavy Infantry in armoured hostile environment suits" set, again from Ground Zero Games. I cut the insect-like limbs in the backpack. Another four coming.


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These are my test figures for the YanDrassi, more aliens from Loud Ninja Games sold by

Concord Strike Command Team

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I got a basic Concord army from Warlord Games to paint for playing Beyond the Gates of Antares. I didn't want to invest a lot of time painting it so I could play with everything painted as soon as possible. I decided to go for the easiest but most effective way, a sprayed base colour, Demonic Yellow Army Painter Spray; black undersuits, some black armour plates and weapons. Then I gave them three Army Painter Red Tone Washes (waiting for it to dry well after every layer) to get the orange tone, then highlighted the black parts; painted the green lights and then a dot of gloss varnish on them to enhance the light effect. Basing and done, I think it took 15 minutes per miniature (not counting drying times). The miniatures were varnished gloss and then matt.

I'll be posting my progress with the rest of the army, and maybe even a battle report.

Scuttler Bugs and Handler

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And some more Crusty miniatures, this time the "Crusties"Scuttler Bugs and bug handler from Ground Zero Games.

Darghaur Ten

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I finished these 15mm Darghaur (from GZG) some days ago, and I think this is the first time I have finished painting the stuff I bought at SALUTE, usually it takes forever to paint just a fraction. To be honest, I only bought three 15mm sets from GZG. They were specially designed for Tomorrow's War's suplement, "By Dagger or Talon"

These were really easy to paint, and I know I tend to use spots on my miniatures, but spotted skin for aliens is cool. You are supposed to paint these creatures' horns in colours to show their rank, but I think I won't do that, or at least with this first group. The "official colours" the people from Ambush Alley used for their Darghaur are too bright for me (a mix of yellow, white, red...) and I'm a bit monochromatic. So if I paint the horns I'll use white rings or something similar. The bigger the antlers, the more important and agressive the Darghaur is. 

Crusty Light Mecha

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This is the first Crusty Mecha from a set of two, again from GZG miniatures.

Ikwen Militia with Light Machine Guns

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These three miniatures are part of the third Ikwen set released, the Ikwen Militia with light machine guns (Loud Ninja Games, miniatures). I have finished 12 Ikwen out of the 24 I bought, they were a joy to paint, so I'll probably finish the other group relatively soon.