Ikwen Militia with Light Machine Guns

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These three miniatures are part of the third Ikwen set released, the Ikwen Militia with light machine guns (Loud Ninja Games, 15mm.co.uk miniatures). I have finished 12 Ikwen out of the 24 I bought, they were a joy to paint, so I'll probably finish the other group relatively soon.

Crusties Mounted Scouts

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As part of my 15mm adventure I have painted these Crusties mounted scouts from Ground Zero Games. Again it was fun, and better yet, it was fast... it might be that after painting 28mm for so long, 15mm is a vacation!!

Ikwen with Rocket Launchers

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Today, the Ikwen Militia with Rocket Launchers, designed by Loud Ninja Games and sold by 15mm.co.uk miniatures. Tomorrow more.


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After painting 28mm figures for so long, my craving for 15mm came back again. So I started with these lovely aliens, the Ikwen Militia with Assault Rifles, designed by Loud Ninja Games and sold by 15mm.co.uk miniatures. More pictures tomorrow.

The White One, alpha male leader of the Ghost Tribe

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This is another painted version of the Lucid Eye Simian Leader. He is the leader of the Ghost Tribe, a nasty simian group, very difficult to see, experts in ambushing lost expeditions, rival tribes or slave traders. No one saw this aggressive Alpha Male, at least nobody lived long enough to tell us after an encounter with him. 

You can find this miniature here:

And this is Lucid Eye's Facebook: 

Beyond the Gates of Antares: first contact.

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This is the first Gates of Antares miniature I have painted for my own collection, I'm still deciding which faction to do, maybe Boromites or Concord. Anyway, this is a Boromite Leader from Warlord Games.

Simian V

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And the last Lucid Eye Simian from the set Simians I. https://m.facebook.com/lucideyeminiatures