Simian Leader

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And some more Lucid Eye loveliness, I can't wait for Steve to release more of these simians. He really has a feral expression on his face and the bit of warpaint on his body helps to enhance that idea, just some primitive touches with white paint., in case you want to find more about this fantastic miniature range.

More Atlantean Pictures

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These are a couple more pictures of the Atlantean Leader. I know the some of you hate Facebook (I myself think it's Devil's tool), but if you could like Lucid Eye's Facebook that would be great. A bit of promotion for a friend never hurts and it might motivate Steve even more (because he is as excited with his project as I am when I can paint one of these figures). I have got some more of them on my table and the ideas about terrain and scenarios for games start to appear in hundreds!! Sorry about this shameless plug, but I felt I had to say it, and even more when he is so close to getting 300 likes. Here is the link: in case you want to contribute. Thanks a lot.


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Atlantean, a Lucid Eye miniature sculpted by Steve Saleh.

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And yet another ogre

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The Duellist

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Another Old Ogre

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