Monday, August 23, 2010

Redoubt Enterprises British Limber, Cannon and Crew

More Redoubt Enterprises Miniatures. I specially like the crew on the cart, they seem they are speaking each other and saying "we should not be here" or "I think that we must leave, now".


DeanM said...

Superb painting as always. I'm awaiting Victrix to release their promised RHA set. I love Redoubt figures - I have their Trojan War range, and would also like to get some of their Wellington in India stuff. Regards, Dean

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looking just great!


EinarOlafson said...

Thank you!

Yes, a think that Redoubt have very good ranges. The first time that I bought something from them was risky because they hadn't got any pics from their Trojans and there are few pics in Google too. Now I have a huge army.



Galpy said...

I would love to see some more pics of your trojan wars army as i am thinking of starting one next year. Ireally like the way your've based these minatures it really adds to the detail of your painting

Histoire de plomb... said...

Great job !