Monday, March 07, 2011

Redoubt Enterprises Trojan Cavalry

Here is the Trojan Cavalry set by Redoubt Enterprises.


DeanM said...

Aw man! You (& Redoubt) are killing me! I thought I was done with my Trojan War army - now you want me to build a small cav/mounted recon force to attack the Greeks at their ship; or possibly Greeks to hunt for bandits around Corinth! Absolutely marvelous brush work and equally nice sculpts. Regards, Dean

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice miniatures with a great paint job!!


pp said...

damn your eyes man, stop putting up all this lovely painting. I can feel myself getting drawn into the trojan war.........

EinarOlafson said...

Thank you!!

DeanM: You know that you need them!! haha

I have enjoyed painting them. I have a lot of trojans on the table but I must paint other stuff before I see them finished.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful figures, marvellous painting and a great blog. Do these Redoubt figures work together with the Foundry Trojans?
With best regards

EinarOlafson said...

Thank you Wolfgang!! I don´t have any Foundry Trojans but it seems there are two sizes in the Redoubt Trojan range. I have seen some comparisons and Redoubt is a little bigger than Foundry.

DeanM from WAB Corner blog has painted Trojan by the two companies, maybe he could help you (His Trojans are beautiful).

Christopher Axebreaker has a lot of lovely painted Trojans too and he might know something else about the comparison thing.