Friday, June 15, 2012

More Trojans or Greeks

I painted this Trojan stand some time ago. I have used Old Glory and Redoubt miniatures in it. I haven´t painted eyes and things like that because I was trying to paint faster than I usually do. The idea was to paint an army but you know... maybe some day in the future... but I have painted several stands more. I think that they match very well and if you prepare them carefully they will match Foundry too.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely seeing your Trojans again as they are just superb!!


DeanM said...

Woweewowow! These are incredibly beautiful. The horse shield design makes such a solid statement. Awesome work, as always. Best, Dean

Dalauppror said...

Stunning workmate !!!!

Looking realy good !

Will ther be more?

Tell a little bit about the base zise?

Best regards Michael

Jehan said...

Really good looking !

Lt.Hazel said...

Nice! Can you please share your bronze-recipe with me?

Willie Anderson said...

Wow those shields are incredible!!

Legion Games said...

Quite simply stunning! Looking forward to seeing more, much more.


EinarOlafson said...

Thank you!! I have painted some more stands. I was thinking about using them in WAB 2.0 but I didn´t buy the ruleset (And it looks that I´m not going to buy it because Warhammer Historical is dead and I´m not going to pay twice the price on Ebay). I´ll use them with Field of Glory, Hail Caesar or Clash of Empires (I need to read about War and Conquest too). The base is 40mmx60mm.

Lt.Hazel: The recipe is easy, Vallejo Game Color, 057 Bright Bronze, Sepia or brown ink (depending on your taste), then 056 Glorious Gold and 055 Polished Gold for the last highlight. It might be too shiny but I love that colour.


Lt.Hazel said...

Thank you! I like bronze bright, too. I´ll try it.

Cyrus said...

Absolutely brilliant! Your Trojans and Mycenaeans are in a class all of their own.

EinarOlafson said...

Thank you!