Friday, May 10, 2013

Fanticide: Fae Brownies

Fae Brownies from Alien Dungeon for Fanticide.


Jay said...

Great painting, and the base is perfect for these guys!

Matt said...

Nicely painted! I was wondering how tall those are?

Dalauppror said...

Greate painting !!!

best regards Michael

Anatoli said...

Love it!

All this stuff reminds me of the old PC game "Lords of Magic" which I loved (and which you can still get from Good Old Games updated for modern computers).

The players played different realms such as "Lord of Light", "Lord of Life", "Lord of Water" etc and each side had - just like in Fanticide - a bunch of mythical creatures at their disposal.

EinarOlafson said...


Matt: they are 10mm high.

Anatoli: Interesting!! I didn't know about that game, thanks for the piece of information!


Alexander Man said...

You´ve done it again... It´s perfect! Beautiful colors.

EinarOlafson said...