Monday, April 22, 2013

Pos-SALUTE and Liberi III

I would like to say that yesterday was a great day! Lovely sunny day in London and a very good time at SALUTE. I would like to say thank you to everyone that stopped by Warlord Games to say hello, it was great to meet you. I even had time to go to admire some fantastic games and buy some stuff I needed and other stuff I wanted (I forgot almost everything and I had to improvise).

I got some Perry Samurai warlords to try to paint them (I never have painted a Samurai with the whole armour!!), some more Martians from Red Planet Miniatures, a Gringo40s' Mayan Priest-Warrior and a FIW Indians box from Warlord Games/Conquest.

Then I needed some bases from Warbases and there I found a very useful MDF barn for my Call of Cthulhu-themed games.

And for the journey home, something to read (I want to know what I need to make the FIW warbands!!).

And now I have finished the whole unit I'll continue posting Liberi Centaurs from Alien Dungeon. This time, armed with a bow.


Piotr Henryk Nowacki said...

Nice haul! If you are looking to paint samurai the Kensei Miniatures does some really good looking metals as well as Japanese mythological stuff. Loving the centaur(what an odd idea for a figure though, indian centaurs!).


Anonymous said...

Nice haul indeed. Wonderful job on the centaur. The Indian approach is a great idea.

Dalauppror said...

Some realy good purchases Andres.

Good to heare that Salute was a blast!

Best regards Michael

Sire Godefroy said...

That's something to look forward then. :-)
I'm fairly envious on all those people who are able to go to Salute. Maybe one day I'll find a job which allows for such expenses…
Anyway, sounds like a great day out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – and your haul.

Cheers, SG

TamsinP said...

That's some great swag and those centaurs are fab :)

Anatoli said...

It was nice to meet you at Salute Andres :-)

Juan Mancheño said...

Very nice the centaur; wonderful painting work!

Michael Awdry said...

A fine haul, but these Centaurs are truly stunning.

EinarOlafson said...

Thank you very much!! I'm very happy with the rulebook (maybe I can use it with the Samurai too).

Piotr Henryk Nowacki: Thanks!!Kensei Miniatures are lovely but I don't know if they'll match Perry/Steel Fist in size and proportion. At first I thought Indian Centaurs were a weird thing, but then I thought of all those North American tribes in which the horse was like part of the human body!! So in the end Sioux and other tribes were like Centaurs!!

Dalauppror: It was indeed!!

Sire Godefroy: When you have the opportunity you should come. For me is easy because I live relatively near London. I would like to go sometime in the future to Crisis and Tactica...

TamsinP & Anatoli: It was great to talk with you!!



Piotr Henryk Nowacki said...

That's weird, for some reason I always thought that it was the European colonization that re-introduced the horses to America(might be wrong) but sure enough Natives were great at riding them!

EinarOlafson said...

I don't know when or were they got horses but some tribes had them, and made of them a very important part of their cultures.